My keys

Secure communication across the Internet requires cryptography.

This page documents the keys I use.

For email I use PGP/GPG - I have never seen the point of S/MIME.

For remote logon I use ssh (I refuse to use telnet/rlogin).

Before using these keys be sure to verify them by some other means than this page (call me, email me or check the signatures on my pgp key and if you find someone you know, then use gpg/pgp to verify the signatures of my ssh keys).


My public key is:

pub  1024D/7A7BA3C0 2000-05-25 Anton Berezin <>
uid                            Anton Berezin <>
uid                            Anton Berezin <>
sub  1024g/ADC71E87 2000-05-25

It can be found here.

You can also get the latest version with new signatures on it at or at - the later server produces more readable output but is less well known.

The PGP pathfinder is a great way to find trustpaths between arbitrary keys.

You can use it to find paths between your key and mine:

your key id :


The key I use on my private computers can be found here (Signature).