My software

Some of the things that were released as open source are presented here. For some of them the development was sponsored by my day job, some are a part of consultancy projects I've been involved in, yet others were supported by kind donations from organizations and individuals; most of them, though, were created just for fun in my spare time.

The stuff below differs substantially in size, in quality, and in how much I care about it.

At any rate, drop me a note if you have any questions with regard to it.

SNMP Query Engine

snmp-query-engine - multiplexing SNMP query engine

The snmp-query-engine daemon accepts multiple client connections and performs SNMP queries towards multiple destinations on behalf of its clients, taking care of multiplexing and throttling the requests. This allows querying large number of devices for large amounts of SNMP information quickly, while controlling the load on the devices induced by multiple SNMP queries.

There is a standalone Perl module, Net::SNMP::QueryEngine::AnyEvent, that serves as a Perl client to the snmp-query-engine daemon.

Of course, clients can be written in any language. Please let me know if you create one.

Implementation language: C


Validns is a standalone command line RFC 1034/1035 zone file validation tool that, in addition to basic syntactic and semantic zone checks, includes DNSSEC signature verification and NSEC/NSEC3 chain validation, as well a number of optional policy checks on the zone.

The utility was developed with the goal of it being the last verification step in the chain of production and publication of one or more zones containing up to many thousands (or millions) of signed records, making the speed of operation a primary focus, and reflect on validns’ design.

The utility is currently being used by several major DNS operators.

Implementation language: C


The DBIx::Perlish module provides the ability to work with databases supported by the DBI module using Perl's own syntax.

Implementation language: Perl


TIPP is an IP Planning application for network departments of organizations with medium- to large-size networks. While providing all the necessary functions for keeping track of your IP and network allocations, it combines the simplicity of design and use with a clean and thoroughly modern look and feel.

Implementation languages: Perl, JavaScript

picosnippet() JavaScript templating

The picosnippet() function provides very simple and easy to use HTML/DOM templating capabilities.

Implementation language: JavaScript

Greasemonkey scripts

I have authored several Greasemonkey scripts. Some of them also work fine as Opera user scripts.

Implementation language: JavaScript


Pcaptail is a tail -f for pcap (tcpdump) files.

Implementation language: C


Prima is an extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development. Platforms supported include Linux, Windows NT/9x/2K, OS/2 and UNIX/X11 workstations (FreeBSD, IRIX, SunOS, Solaris and others).

I was one of the folks who started Prima, and although I am no longer involved in the project itself, sometimes I use it to do GUIsh stuff.

Implementation languages: Perl, C

CPAN modules

I authored a small number of Perl modules. The modules which are not explicitly listed on the page you are currently reading are either perfect and do not require any further development, or do not interest me any more (which amounts to the same thing with regard to updating them). Well, at least one of them has found a more active maintainer.

Implementation language: Perl