All ports (19871)
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  1. accessibility/accerciser

    Interactive Python accessibility explorer for GNOME
    tags:  access gnome python
  2. accessibility/at-poke

    Accessibility testing and poking tool
    tags:  access gnome
  3. accessibility/at-spi

    An Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
    tags:  access assist interface service toolkit x11
  4. accessibility/at-spi-reference

    Programming reference for accessibility/at-spi
    tags:  access program toolkit x11
  5. accessibility/atk

    A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
    tags:  access devel gnome toolkit
  6. accessibility/atk-reference

    Programming reference for accessibility/atk
    tags:  access devel program
  7. accessibility/dasher

    Information efficient text-entry interface
    tags:  access edit entry gnome info interface text x11
  8. accessibility/eflite

    Speech server for Festival Lite used by yasr and Emacspeak
    tags:  access festival server speech
  9. accessibility/gnome-mag

    GNOME screen magnifier
    tags:  access gnome screen
  10. accessibility/gnome-speech

    GNOME text-to-speech API
    tags:  access api audio gnome speech text
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